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10 Tips For Better Outfit Photos

10 Tips For Better Outfit Photos

I started shooting outfits in 2011 and publishing photos of what I wear online not only helped with growing my self-esteem but also allowed me to keep a better track of my style and improve it!

Although I am not a know-it-all when it comes to photographing outfits, I have definitely come a long way since I started doing it! I often get asked some tips for outfit photos, so I decided to share my own tricks!

1. Know your camera
You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a fancy camera to get nice photos. However, it is always handy to know your gear if you want to take the best advantage of it! There are many photography tutorials on the Internet so have fun playing with your camera and getting to know how it works!

2. Take lots of photos
Truth is, the more photos you take, the more likely you are to have a few ones you like to use on your post!

3. Find your light
Taking a great photo indoors requires great skills due to lighting so I suggest you to always try to shoot outdoors. There are beautiful places outside to photograph! Also, don’t shoot in direct sunlight as bright sunlight casts odd shadows on your face and clothes and changes the colour of your photographs by overexposing them. My tip is to either step in the shade or photograph during the “golden hour” (around sunset), when light is softer and warmer!

4. Don’t forget details
Of course it’s important to get full-shots of your outfit but remember to also shoot things such as your shoes, jewelry or accessories as they are visually interesting and add variety to your posts!

5. Know your best poses
It’s always good to know which poses work best for you, after all who doesn’t want to look good in photos? Of course, don’t forget to also try out some different things every now and see how they turn out!

6. Mix your angles and move
Variety is the key! Get creative and try some different angles as it can definitely be refreshing and change your photo completely! Don’t forget to move around your set so you won’t be always standing in the same place with slight variations on the same pose!

7. Edit your photos
No need for major changes, just keep in mind that you may have to make your photos more eye-catching by cropping them, changing contrast, brightness or enhancing colours!

8. Find unpopulated places
The more photos you take, the more comfortable you’ll get with shooting in front of other people but, when new to this, you might be self-conscious with people staring at you, so your photos may end up not looking as natural as if you were by yourself. Try to find places that are vacant so you can shoot without looking over your shoulder!

9. Be yourself
Fashion is all about fun! Be natural and don’t forget to smile! Just be yourself and don’t be afraid to be silly or show your personality!

10. Practise
Trial and error is the best way to improve your outfit photos! No one started with amazing and professional photographs over night! Learn from your mistakes, the more you practise, the better you will be!

Ester Durães is the fashion and lifestyle blogger behind Drawing Dreaming.


  • 09 May 2014 20:52:16

    These are fabulous, clever and helpful tips! Thanks so much :) I hope to blog more personal style on my blog, and this will help me out :)

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