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Caroline Burke

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Caroline Burke is the babin’ blogger behind Burkatron with a huge love of all things vintage, DIY & crafts. She is the QUEEN of nail art!

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Displaying Your Social Side in Blogging

Displaying Your Social Side in Blogging

Displaying information on your blog is so important for readers, PR and opportunities. Having your social media links easily accessible can aid this and using them in the right way can help you to build up your blog in the community!

You have to be pro-active on your social networking sites
It is one thing to sign up to the accounts but if you never go on it and you don’t reply or talk to people then there isn’t much point in having it! I had loads of account with social networking site before I started my blog and I never really used to talk to people or take into consideration what was going on there and I was doing it all for myself. However, now I think about my audience because I know a lot of my blog followers also follow me on there! For example I post an outfit of the day post on my instagram every day because I know a lot of people like to see this and it went down well when I started to do so I carried on!

You need to display your links clearly
Especially so that people can easily see them and would make it quite obvious that they are there! I have recently changed my blog template and the girl who I bought it off made me my links that you are on my side bar which include, Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram, Email, Pinterest and so on! They are so easy for people to see and then this makes it easier for people to follow you and keep up to date with your content!

Repost your links
Another thing that I like to do is once you have the code for those buttons on the side of your blog you can copy and paste the HTML code onto the end of every blog post. That way if someone comes across your post randomly the links are still there at the bottom so they can still go and follow you! Ever since I have been doing this my followers have been increasingly more so than when I didn’t so that’s why I am recommending it and why I carry on doing it!

Introduce readers to other posts
I also have links to other blog posts that the reader may like, this encourages people to not only read the post they have found but to actually explore your blog and read other posts. I find it really useful when blogs have this because if you really enjoyed reading a certain persons posts then it is so simply to find other posts that they have written!

Megan is the blogger behind Beautiful You.


  • 11 May 2014 14:02:13

    I like these tips! It inspires me to organize my blogs and social links to my website. I’m glad that you have written such tips like this because it gave bloggers like me an idea on how to expand our social side in blogging. :)

  • 20 May 2014 19:51:18

    This post has been very useful to me. Luckily, I already had a fairly big social media following when I started my blog, so my traffic has been pretty consistent. I have my social media networks advertised in my sidebar and in a page of their own but I never really thought of having them at the end of every post until I read this – great tip :)

  • 21 May 2014 08:24:46

    Amazing advice! I definitely need to be more pro-active on Twitter and Instagram :) thanks!

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