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etailPR’s Insider Tips: Working with Brands

etailPR’s Insider Tips: Working with Brands

I may be new to the personal style blogging world when it comes to being in front of the lens and behind the screen, but I could be classed as a bit of a veteran when it comes to the world of blogging. For the last few years, I have built up a wealth of knowledge (not always so easily, might I add) on all things blog related – but, from the flipside!

So of course, I felt it was time I shared a few of my very own hints and tips on developing your blog in a professional manner with a bit (okay, a lot) of an influence from a brand’s perspective. First up, working with brands…

Working with Brands
It might sound obvious to you or completely scary, but the concept is relatively easy. In my position (professionally), I always work from the bloggers perspective on behalf of the brands – after all, a brand needs to understand how a blogger works in order to be able to work with them in the first place. It is exactly the same for bloggers wanting to work with brands.

Being PR Friendly
Many bloggers say they are, but it is crucial to keep to in order to keep a strong relationship up with a brand, PR’s or a network (like us). You want to work with the brand, so get that across but don’t be pushy and keep it nice. You want to make the right impression, right? If you were the brand, how would you want someone to contact you? Remember that and repeat it!

The Benefit to the Brand
Brands, PRs and Networks will only want to work with you if there is a commercial benefit to the brand in question. Make sure you know your worth up front! Are you a great style match for the brand? Will your following get them great exposure? If not, maybe there is a better suited brand for you to contact. Rightly so, you may not have an interest in working with a gimmicky gifts brand if you’re a beauty blogger, so don’t be disheartened if a fashion brand doesn’t feel that you’re the right fit as a foodie blogger.

Keeping it Professional
Once you’ve made initial contact, keep up the hard work. You know it can take you a day or two to reply to a brand and it’s likely to be the same for them. Sometimes, they may not always have projects for you to work on right away or even offer samples, but be patient and show them you’re highly interested, but only if you’ve correctly though about my previous point.

Sharing a blog post you’ve done featuring their brand is always a good start to show that you’re suitable and can provide valuable coverage for them.

Building a Relationship
You know the saying ‘people work for people’, I could find nothing more fitting in this instance. A brand, PR or network will want to keep working with you if you do all of the above. If you make their job easier, you’d bound to be thought of first when an opportunity arises. Who knows, you may even make a few great friends along with way – I know I have, as a brand and a blogger.

This is just a start, but I hope it helps in someway to get you going along a commercialised blogging route. What more would like you to know from an etailPR Insider? Email if you have any questions!

Grace heads up etailPR’s Blogger Network team and is the fashion blogger behind the newly launched Dorothy and Olive.


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