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Caroline Burke

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Caroline Burke is the babin’ blogger behind Burkatron with a huge love of all things vintage, DIY & crafts. She is the QUEEN of nail art!

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Showing Personality in your Blog

Showing Personality in your Blog

Hello I’m Livvy from Tea Toast Fashion and today I’m here to share my tips about keeping and conveying your personality through your blog. One thing my friends who read my blog always say is I write how I talk, which is mainly a load of bad jokes and puns that only I seem to find funny. However as many of you don’t know me in real life I would suggest reading this kinda like Miranda but with an Essex accent (for some reason it floats peoples boats) weird but I just go with it, I hope you do too.

My first tip would be keeping a conversational element into your writing; much as I love knowing all the factual elements about fashion I have found that the most successful blogs and the most enjoyable to read have a more casual approach to their writing. I like to fill in my readers with little snippets of my life or stories about stupid things that happen to me on the daily, normally accompanied by lots of side comments in brackets (love a bracket).

Obviously when you’re starting out (and even now) you get point where you think what the flipping heck am I going to write in this post, these are the times where I tend to write whatever is in my brain (this can be dangerous) however this tends to be the most relatable content as your readers are likely to be like minded people who share similar views and opinions with you!

Replying to comments and questions are another way to let your readers to get to know you, I am slack in replying to comments at times however if someone has a question I will always reply. Building a relationship between you and your readers doesn’t just show your personality it allows you to make friends, I’ve met and made friends with lots of lovely ladies who are so similar to me through my blog and by reading theirs. Basically communication is fab, glad we got that sorted.

Another element I think is key in showing your personality in your blog photos especially in outfit posts is smiling, I mean if you’re not really into smiling in real life then that’s cool give us your best Kate pout, I’m probably going to be jealous of that as I’ve never mastered it (lack of cheekbones and all). I think even if its just on one photo it makes the readers see your personality, okay I’ll stop talking like a ‘be a better person’ self help book now but you get my drift.

So to summarize, its cool to write all the random thoughts in your brain, there is someone out there that wants to read them. Smile in some photos, not trying to be your mum or anything but people are their best when they smile. That’s all from me today, I hope this has been helpful and you’ve learnt some things in-between my ramble!

Livvy is the fashion blogger behind Tea Toast Fashion.


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