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Caroline Burke

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Caroline Burke is the babin’ blogger behind Burkatron with a huge love of all things vintage, DIY & crafts. She is the QUEEN of nail art!

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Tips for Staying Inspired

Tips for Staying Inspired

Four and a bit years of blogging behind me, the blogosphere has changed beyond recognition. Gone are the days of a sneaky webcam snap of your new buy and a few words to go alongside it – with the competitive edge of editorial blogging creeping in, it can be daunting and difficult to stay inspired with your blog ‘content’ and ideas for new posts.

Round these parts at Daisybutter, my content has evolved from its’ original postings. I now blog a range of things from outfits (a mixture of off-duty, weekend wear and things I wear to work as a fashion writer!), posts dedicated solely to how much I want/need a new bag, detailed snippets of new style accents in my repertoire, recipes, reviews, lifestyle ideas and more. Here’s some of my top tips for staying inspired to blog:

Half an idea makes a full post
Those half-formed sentences and ideas that pop in your head throughout the day? Note them down in a notebook or on the notepad app on your phone. On a quiet Sunday, collate those half-ideas and see what they could formulate. Maybe you could write a fully-fledged opinion article on those random points, talk about style inspirations from that look you saw someone wear outside work. Write all of those smaller ideas down for later inspiration.

Don’t pigeonhole yourself
There’s a trend in blogging that lends itself to constantly creating post series, themed regular features or numbering posts weekly. Stop for a moment. Does this work for you? I know it doesn’t for me. Back in 2011 I wrote a weekly photo diary that quickly lost steam, and since then I tend to opt for lots of thought out, carefully considered, one-off posts. Additionally writing these regular features leads to pigeonholing your inspiration away. Think outside the box: you could still post a weekly feature, but take that title away and the world is your oyster.

Inspire Them to Inspire You
Another trend in the blogging world is the tag trend. The concept is simple – a set of questions or challenge that you complete and tag others to do. But how about flipping it around and really creating a dialogue? Answer 5 questions and then ask your readers to share something similar… and then use their responses to start another conversation or post on your blog. We’re all blogging because we’ve got plenty in common – it only makes sense!

Use your tools
Twitter is the voice of reason. My favourite social media network aside from Instagram is Twitter. It’s a great, instant way to chat to your readers and other bloggers in the community, and it is perfect for gauging potential responses to new posts. If I’m thinking of writing a feature but don’t feel 100% about it, I’ll Tweet and ask my followers for their opinion. The evenings are best for this I find, but you’ll get an instant response and reaction, and get to really engage with your readers.

Michelle is the style blogger behind Daisybutter.


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